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Pagezii Blog SEO WordPress Plugin for Content Marketers

WordPress Content Marketers

What you get:

  • Complete Blog Audit
  • Monthly Author Reports
  • SEO Scoring and Share Counts
  • Writing Style Breakdown

Easy SEO Setup:

Install the Blog SEO Plugin in seconds:

  • Download from WordPress plugin directory.
  • Easily install on your corporate blog.
  • Activate the plugin and start analyzing.
Pagezii Blog SEO WordPress Plugin Easy SEO Setup

On-The-Spot SEO Analysis:

360-degree view of Blog Performance when you want:

  • Set up weekly pulse reports to run on a day of your choice.
  • Pick and choose which posts to include in your Pulse reports.
  • Share counts, optimized keywords, and SEO score for every post.
Pagezii Blog SEO WordPress Plugin on-the-spot SEO Analysis

Author-Specific SEO Reporting:

Understand author performance to improve your blog:

  • Year-to-date metrics for every author.
  • Author milestone badges.
  • Automated monthly reporting.
Pagezii Blog SEO WordPress Plugin Author Specific SEO Report

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