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Take YouTube Analysis to New Levels with the Webinar and Guide Download

Social media managers have to analyze their YouTube channels in order to improve their video marketing strategy. Using the YouTube analysis report webinar and guide, Social Media Managers will learn how to analyze their video content and improve their strategy moving forward.

Featured in the YouTube Analysis Report Walkthrough

Equipped with the latest YouTube analysis techniques, this guide walks you through YouTube account metrics, video sentiment analysis, and competitor channel analysis.

  • YouTube Sentiment Analysis
  • Account Metrics Breakdown
  • Competitor Channel Tracking
  • Industry-Trend Focus
  • Expert YouTube Commentary
  • Report Setup Walkthrough

Target User

YouTube Analysis Report Guide - Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers

Expertise Level

YouTube Analysis Report Guide - Beginner


Webinar Length

Two Minutes

YouTube Sentiment Analysis

Learn what popular industry video topics generate positive and negative sentiment. This data is critical for Social Media Managers looking to optimize their video marketing strategies moving forward.

Competitor Channel Tracking

A look at competitor YouTube performance is an important step in optimizing your own content. Learn how to analyze competitor channel intel and implement strategy tweaks for your own channel.

YouTube Video Engagement

Generating video engagement is the name of the game when it comes to boosting your social authority. Learn what YouTube videos are most popular across your industry and how you can formulate new content around what works.