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Trending Topics Optimization - Pagezii Blog Pulse Report

Optimize your Content Marketing strategy with the Trending Topics Guide and step-by-step webinar

Before publishing, Content Marketers need to guide their blog posts with an understand on trending industry topics. In this guide, you’ll learn how to analyze trending topics within your industry, helping you to push forward with blog optimization.

Featured in the Trending Topics Guide

Packed with expert tips, the trending topics optimization guide walks you through blog keyword analysis, industry topic targeting and trend focus scoring.

  • Trending Topic Analysis Tips
  • Industry Topic Tracking
  • Trend Focus Scoring
  • Optimizing Content Alignment
  • Blog Keyword Optimization
  • Expert Commentary on Trending Topics

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Trending Topics Optimization - Content Marketers

Content Marketers

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Trending Topics Optimization - Beginner


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Two Minutes

Trending Blog Keywords

Learn to identify which blog keywords are generating the highest value for your blog. This guide walks Content Marketers through trending blog keyword analysis for optimizing future content marketing strategies.

Trending Competitor Topics

Understanding your own blog keyword performance is half the battle. For Content Marketers to take their blog to the next level, they need to understand what topics are trending in their industry as well. The Trending Topics guide hone’s in on competitor keyword usage giving you greater industry awareness.

Industry Content Alignment

After analyzing your trending topics across your industry, it’s time to determine industry blog topic alignment. This guide shows Content Marketers the sweet spot for an optimized trend focus score.