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Take Content Marketing Optimization to new levels using the webinar and detailed guide packet

Learn the fundamentals of content marketing optimization to improve your blog performance. This content marketing optimization tutorial walks you through the Pagezii Blog Pulse report that helps content marketing teams optimize their blog strategy, including expert commentary on SEO scores, Reader Profiles, and Social shares across various platforms.

Featured in the Content Marketing Optimization Guide

Equipped with leading content marketing optimization techniques, the guide contains a detailed walkthrough of Pagezii’s Blog Pulse report, expert commentary and essential techniques for optimizing content marketing.

  • Detailed Blog Pulse Report Walkthrough
  • Blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Scores
  • Social Engagement Tracking
  • Blog Key Performance Metrics
  • Competitor Blog Analysis
  • Trending Industry Topics Discovery

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Content Marketing Optimization Pagezii Blog Pulse Report Download - Content Marketers

Content Marketers

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Content Marketing Optimization Pagezii Blog Pulse Report Download - Advanced


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Four Minutes

Step-by-Step Content Marketing Optimization

Learn how to use your Pagezii Blog Pulse Report to analyze your corporate blog, develop new content marketing strategies and improve content performance. The guide and webinar shows you how to get the most from your Pagezii Blog Pulse Report with expert commentary and tips.

Blog Key Performance Indicators

Discover the essential blog key performance indicators you need to optimize your content marketing strategy. The guide touches on important blog KPIs for understanding blog visitor traffic and engagement metrics.

Tracking Competitor Content Marketing

In order to optimize your content marketing strategy, you have to understand how the industry is implementing techniques. This guide shows you how to use Pagezii’s Blog Pulse Report to hone in on competitor content marketing trends.