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Content Marketing KPIs - Pagezii Blog Pulse Report

Take Blog Performance Analysis to the next level using the Content Marketing KPIs Guide

To understand the health of your content marketing strategy, you have to look at the KPIs that matter. This detailed Content Marketing KPIs guide gets Content Marketers on the fast-track to effective blog analysis.

Content Marketing KPIs Guide Features

Packed with essential Content Marketing measurement techniques, the guide lays out the key performance indicators Content Marketers must use for blog performance measurement.

  • Detailed Content Marketing KPIs Commentary
  • Understanding Blog Visitor Traffic
  • Blog Engagement Analysis
  • Readership and Subscriber Tracking
  • Understanding Google Analytics Data
  • Content Marketing Optimization Tips

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Content Marketing KPIs - Content Marketers

Content Marketers

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Content Marketing KPIs - Intermediate


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Two Minutes

Content Marketing KPIs

The first step in optimizing your content marketing strategy is analysis. This guide provides Content Marketers with the essential key performance indicators needed to understand content marketing programs and improve performance.

Understanding Blog Engagement

Blog engagement metrics provide a snapshot of your blog’s health. Learn how to analyze key engagement metrics and optimize these blog areas. These blog KPIs examine visitor retention, time spent on blog and blog consumption.

Improving Blog Metrics

After highlighting essential content marketing KPIs, the guide provides detailed commentary on how to optimize each metric. Get right down to the most important you need to take your corporate blog to the next level.