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Pagezii Digital Marketing Tool analysis reports

Pagezii for the Marketing Team

Pagezii offers a unique approach to digital marketing. It first analyzes campaigns, then helps to develop a winning strategy. Finally, it provides status updates to ensure everything's on track.

Content Marketing

Your blogging team can easily identify valuable content that resonates the best with your target audience and optimize posts to get the most qualified readers.

  • Pulse Reports
  • Author Metrics
  • Social Distribution
  • Reader Profiles
Pagezii Digital Marketing Tool - Blog page with author and graph callout bubbles

Search Engine Marketing

Your in-house SEO and Pay-per-Click managers can easily perform site-wide audits, track keywords and optimize landing pages.

  • On-page Metrics
  • UX Score
  • Keyword Rank
  • Ad Grading
Pagezii Digital Marketing Tool - Analyzing search engine results

Social Media

The social media manager can easily track the company's Twitter and YouTube profiles with ongoing engagement levels, competitive trends, industry hashtags and emerging thought leaders.

  • Engagement Win
  • Follower Analysis
  • Social Rank
  • Key Users
Pagezii Digital Marketing Tool - Analyzing social account followers and metrics

Marketing Top Brass

Your Director of Marketing will always be in the loop with automated reports that are simple, yet detailed enough to capture the growth of your digital marketing efforts.

  • Automated Reports
  • Growth Focus
  • Activity Metrics
  • Industry Trends
Pagezii Digital Marketing Tool - Automated reports filled with metrics and analysis

Page AnalysisTest pages on code, messaging, content and UX. Evaluate brand and business drivers to maximize conversions.

Industry BenchmarksCompare your metrics against industry trends when available. Easily identify the performance of campaigns.

Google IntegrationSingle-click integration with Google Search Console (Webmaster) and Analytics gives detailed metrics on the dashboard.

Knowledge BaseAccess details in digital marketing, including content messaging, blogging and UX.

Weekly ReportingStay on top of metrics with automated weekly reports. Get current data trends in Excel for detailed number-crunching.

Expert SupportAnd best of all - we have a dedicated team of marketing experts available to help guide you through Pagezii.

Pagezii uses commercial-grade security and encryption, making it as safe as online-banking.

We leverage Amazon Web Services to support our web architecture for best-of-class performance and reliability.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Easily optimize your digital campaigns

Tweak your blogs, analyze your social footprint, grade Ads and make your site search friendly.

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