Frequently Asked Questions

Pagezii snapshots are quick digital marketing analysis of your website. The analysis evaluates messaging, usability, on-page SEO, blog footprint and twitter profile. The snapshots provide a simple preview of Pagezii. The tools available inside Pagezii perform more robust and detailed audits.

Currently you are allowed to make a 3 new snapshots every day. If you reach your daily limit, consider requesting a demo from our team.

Make sure your site address is valid and your site is accessible. Sometimes because of security or technical reasons we are prevented from accessing a site and creating a snapshot.

Pagezii looks for specific blog and Twitter markers on your site. Sometimes these markers are hidden deeper in the site and not picked up in the snapshot. You can overcome this by specifying your blog location and Twitter profile after you sign up for the demo.

Yes, Pagezii demo requests can be set up by clicking on the Request Demo button. Our product team will reach out to you shortly to schedule the product demo.