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Pagezii SEO Audit Report Template

SEO Audit Report Template

Download the easy-to-edit SEO Audit Report Template for SEO Managers and Search Optimization Engineers to track rankings, perform site-wide audits and make managerial-level SEO recommendations.

The zip file contains PDF, PowerPoint and Word documents that can be easily customized with your corporate logo and colors.

What's included in the SEO Audit Report Packet?

Packed with goodies, the zip archive contains SEO Audit reports, report samples and SEO templates for editing and download.

  • Recommended Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Competitor Analysis Techniques
  • Customizable SEO PowerPoint Template
  • Keyword Traffic Analysis
  • Site SEO Audit Walkthrough
  • Executive Summary Tips

Target User

Pagezii Seo Manager

SEO Managers

Expertise Level

Intermediate level


SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console Search Console
  • SEMrush SEMrush
  • Ahrefs Ahrefs
  • Pagezii SEO Pagezii SEO
  • Keyword Tool Keyword Tool

Customize Your SEO Template

Create beautiful, data-rich reports with the customizable SEO audit report template, showing you how to cherry-pick the best data and convert into PowerPoint. Keep in mind that your report needs to be widely accessible – so short, simple and easy to understand language is very important. Use charts and illustrations to get your point across.

Competitive SEO Research

Run competitive research analysis using grading tools to reveal competitor site structure, optimized keywords, content marketing and social strategies. Looking at competitor sites is a great way to understand what your industry peers are doing and perhaps give your SEO strategy some new ideas.

Search Engine Ranking

Perform a Search Engine Ranking Page analysis to see where your site ranks for important business keywords. It’s a good idea to break down the keywords into buckets in your template. For example, group all your brand keywords together, or group business-driving keywords, or industry jargon keywords together. Also, rank your key competitors for these keywords to see how well they perform.