Landing Page Analysis – How to Get the Most Out of Landing Pages

Landing Page Analysis What To Analyze

Landing Page Analysis

In marketing and advertising, landing pages have one goal – get visitors to take action.

Because of this high focus, getting the most out of your landing page is essential.

Enter landing page analysis.

Landing page analysis helps you discover what your landing page is missing and what you need to do to fix it. Here are a few landing page analysis areas you can focus on and why this process is important.

Landing Page Analysis – What to Analyze

To get the most value from a landing page, you have to understand it. The question you’re looking to answer with your analysis is “what’s missing and how can I fix it?”

Here are a few landing page analysis areas to consider.

Code Optimization

If your landing page is the destination for search engine traffic, make sure its code is well optimized for a target keyword.

Your target keyword should be a reflection of the landing page. Once you’ve honed in on a keyword that captures the essence of your landing page, start optimizing. Do this by using the target keyword in key on-page code elements – e.g. page title, description, URL slug etc.


Your landing page’s messaging should persuade users to take action. This could be downloading a case study or signing up for a live webinar.

Landing page messaging takes different forms – and all help influence users to take action.


Lead Capture

If the goal of your landing page is to fill the top of the funnel, a lead capture is critical. A lead capture asks visitors to provide their information in exchange for access to gated content.

A few tips to keep in mind – keep your lead capture simple. If you’re asking something from your visitors, why not make it easy to provide? Cumbersome field forms slow users down from taking action. Keep your field forms tight and make sure button labeling is properly used.


Why is Landing Page Analysis Important?

An analysis is the first step to optimization. You have to understand what’s missing from your landing page before you can begin to improve it.

Not every landing page is going to score 100 percent on your landing page analysis test, even after it’s optimized. but the idea is to zero in on areas that need the most attention and begin your optimization process. By doing this, you and your visitors are going to get the most out of your landing pages.