How to Increase Twitter Engagement – 7 Techniques from Twitter Experts

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How to Increase Twitter Engagement

For Digital Marketers on Twitter, engagement is the name of the game. It means communities are hearing you and are on board with your message.

And to keep your followers interacting with your content, we asked Twitter experts to share techniques on how to increase engagement.

Here are seven techniques you should use to get more love from on your posts.

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Use Local Hashtags

How To Increase Twitter Engagament Izaak Crook AppInstitute Local Hashtags

Want Twitter engagement? Start by speaking to those around you. Izaak Crook from AppInstitute tells us why keeping it local boosts interaction.

If you’re a small or local business, try using local hashtags or ‘networking hours’ to interact with like-minded people that are close by. I’ve had some great success with this and it’s super simple.

All you need to do is find the ones relevant to your business (chances are there’s a fair few if you have multiple locations) and set up a content schedule around it.

Optimize Tweet Scheduling

How To Increase Twitter Engagament Rich Prime Tweet TimingWhen posting a tweet, timing is everything. Because your audience checks their feeds at specific times, you have to optimize Tweet schedules with those times in mind. Rich Prime from Minutemailer shares his tip on how to increase Twitter engagement.

We see lots of tweets scheduled through our system and the tip we’d give is simple: timing is everything. If your audience is asleep they’re unlikely to engage.

Pin Top Tweets

How To Increase Twitter Engagament Kris Gillentine Pin Top Tweets

If you’re not using Twitter’s pinned tweet feature, you’re missing out on engagement. Kristy Gillentine from Drive West has more on the power of pinning top tweets.

Leverage the power of a pinned tweet! It’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

Use it to spark a two-way conversation. Ask a question or make an offer, and make it clear you’ll engage back when anyone replies to it. And when people see you engaging with others, they are more likely to engage with you. Your pinned tweet should be your welcome mat, inviting everyone who sees it to interact with you.

Share Videos

How To Increase Twitter Engagament Derek Miller Share Videos

Your audience see’s the same text-based tweets in their feed every day. You have to break the mold. Just ask Derek Miller from CopyPress – he shares his method on how to improve Twitter engagement here.

Share videos. 82 percent of Twitter users watch video on the platform. Videos are an excellent way to break the monotony of text-based Tweets and articles that inundate news feeds.

And if you’re curating the video from another creator, make sure to tag that person. Tagging people in your posts will also perpetuate shares and engagement by that user and subsequently, that user’s followers.

Use Original Photography

How To Increase Twitter Engagament Diana LaVigne Original Photography

Unique content captures user interest over content they’ve seen before. This is how Diana Rohini LaVigne from SMC Health boosts Twitter engagement for her company.

Using images that aren’t stock photos has been a big win for our organization. We plan photography opportunities for social media as a regular part of our weekly work. Relevant non-stock photos help us engage better with our community. The higher the engagement, the more we can help residents get to the services they need and learn more about preventive health measures to keep them healthy.

Ask Questions and Use Hashtags Always

How To Increase Twitter Engagement Dan Elson

If you want Twitter engagement, don’t shy away from speaking directly to your audience. So how do you go about doing this? Dan Elson from I Am Dan Elson shares tips on how to increase Twitter engagement.

For increasing Twitter engagement, I’d recommend two things.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Want a retweet? Ask your followers nicely. You’d be amazed what response you get if you include a call to action.

Second, hashtags are key, never post without them. Hashtags help people find your tweet within millions. Twitter is a noisy place, so I’d always advise using 4 to 6 (or as many as you can that fit) hashtags to help people find your content!

Share your Followers Tweets

You have to engage with your followers if you expect them to engage back. Anthony Macri from Accelerated Connections shares an invaluable tip for increasing Twitter engagement and a few other gems.

To guarantee best ongoing engagement from your audience, it’s important to:

First, acknowledge your audience’s content. Share their tweets when relevant on your feed. It makes them feel appreciated and “seen”. It builds loyalty but also exposes the human side of the company.

Second, jump on trending opportunities when possible. If a hashtag or topic is trending and relevant to your product or business, use that to take part in the conversation. Make your brand part of the conversation.

And finally, I can’t stress this enough – share content that has value and enriches the life of your customers. It doesn’t always have to be self-promotional content. Make it useful. Your audience will respond to that positively.

How to Increase Twitter Engagement from Social Media Experts

Twitter is all about being social. Your goal is to start conversations with communities and share valuable information.

And because of this, tweet favorites, likes, retweets, and replies are useful metrics to see if you’re engaging well with followers.

Thanks to our Social Media Experts for sharing their unique tips.

And make sure to watch the Twitter Analysis tutorial to improve Twitter account engagement.

How To Increase Twitter Engagement Pagezii Twitter Analysis Report Video

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